AVOCADO Fruits and Vegetables



Application: For people who want to improve the cardiovascular environment; people who want to improve the sexual function of couples; people who want to improve sleep
People with quality; people who want to improve the quality and state of bone health.
Storage method: Store in a cool and dry place, away from direct sunlight.

Reminder: If you are taking medicines, nursing care, or treatment, please follow your doctor's instructions before eating. If any adverse reactions occur, please stop eating and consult your doctor.

Directions: 1 pack per day, it is best to eat with meals; for those with severe sub-health conditions, increase the amount as appropriate.

Main ingredients: L-nitric acid-a is adjusted into dicarboxylic acid, polyglucans, pear powder, L-malic acid, beetroot powder, Murakami acid, blue grape fruit powder, trioxygen decoction, iron, bell, copper.

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